Welcome to ShipEX, Inc. Your LEADER in Transportation and Logistics.

Where shippers and customers trust us with their products, and where drivers trust us with their careers!

ShipEX, Inc. | “Your Freight. On-Time, EVERY TIME”

  • ShipEX, Inc. values our professional truck drivers and their safety. Our emphasis is on providing opportunities for drivers to take charge of their lives. We hire experienced drivers, and make sure that they are operating within the HIGHEST degree of safety and FMCSA safety rules and regulations
  • At ShipEX, customer service is our main focus. We understand the importance of identifying and responding to each customer’s unique needs. Our objective is delivering the freight entrusted to us on-time and safely.
  • As ShipEX grows, so do opportunities for non-driver employees. We are continually seeking experienced, career-minded professionals who are committed to providing high level service to our customers, drivers and independent contractors.


Since 2007, ShipEX has stood for high quality transportation services to a growing list of satisfied, prestigious customers. Experience, integrity and a solid track record have earned ShipEX a reputation as one of the nations leading shippers specializing in temperature-controlled transportation products.


Ted Hansen, Ted's Meats

I have been very much impressed by ShipEX‘s ability to literally read clients’ minds and deliver freight solutions and transportation services that simply exceed our every expectation.

Matt M., England Logistics

We deal with Freight Shippers and many different trucking companies each and every day, and simply put, ShipEX delivers. Their customer service sets them apart. We love working with ShipEX.

Eric Johnson, Idaho Shipping Plus

It’s been a real pleasure to be part of ShipEX‘s customers. When we need our product moved without any snags, we call ShipEX. They make it happen. Not sure what else to say! Their commitment and professionalism have impressed me and I look forward to working together into the future.